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Every restaurant needs to have a point of view.
— Danny Meyer


Striving to document all things delicious, Galdones Photography expertly makes dishes/products shine and captures the experience of food in images that move people to eat.
Ornate cocktails, silky glasses of wine: the beauty is in the details. Consider photography services for the creation of a particular drink, the ingredients, or the final product.
Headshots can range from the beautifully simple to off-the-wall creative.
Showcase the architecture, decor, and vibe of a restaurant. We document the design of your space with the same attention as the food and drinks served in them.
There is a special energy to the work and life of a kitchen. To document it means moving quietly through the rhythms of food prep, cooking, and plating and knowing what to look for at each step.
Huge and his team cover a range of food-driven events, from intimate private dinners to grand tastings and multi-day food festivals. From food details, stage programs, guest candids, step-and-repeats, and event sponsor coverage, no detail is left undocumented.
Photo / Video
Both motion and still can be shot simultaneously. In collaboration with Skalawag Productions, both teams work seamlessly to ensure smooth shoot days and beautiful deliverables. Available motion assets include sizzle reels, pots and hands, tasty-style videos and event highlights.
New Restaurant Opening
Preparing to open a new restaurant? Consider a full service package which can include documentation of food and beverage, portraits, architecture, back of house, front of house and an opening event.
Cookbook / Proposals
A complete cookbook can be shot in the GALDOSTUDIO, from start to finish. Before shooting a full cookbook, you may need to create a proposal for publishers. Let us help build a starter package that includes food and lifestyle images to help sell your idea.
New Product / Brand
Creating a new food product or brand? Get all the photo assets you need to launch your product including clip to white, websales, web assets, lifestyle images, social media and ingredient-driven shots. This is a complete package for marketing and rolling out your new product.
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*Consuming stale or underwhelming photography or videography may increase your risk of foodborne illness marketing sadness.